And you are really wondering why your Chandler home didn’t sell?

See the photo below, this is an actual photo taken recently from the MLS, it was not altered.

Actual MLS Photo


As a Chandler real estate agent, I often get calls from people wondering why their Chandler house is not selling. While I cannot solicit or initial calls from houses that are listed, we can answer questions if a home owner reaches out to us.

Often, the reason it is not selling comes down to 1 of 2 things. Either it is not price correctly or it does not show well at all online.


It is a big mistake to not price your home correctly at first. Why? I will do more on this soon, but if you have ever been shopping for houses, and you find out the days on the market is high, what are your first thoughts? If you are like everyone else, it is either A) What is wrong with the house B) I can steal this one or something with a combination of both of those.

Get the price right on day one. Stop thinking I need to leave room to negotiate. There are things you can do to make your house sell for more, but once you have the number that you believe it is going to sell for, list it within 1-2% of that.  You will cost yourself a lot of time and money in the long run if you do not.

Online Appearance

This is no longer 1995, everything starts online these days. I have two types of clients. Those that like to search my MLS site Homes Around Chandler by themselves, and leave me comments on houses they like, or those who like for me to search for them and just send them comments on the ones I think match what they are looking for.

How it works in real life

Either way it always starts the same, with me as their Chandler real estate agent, or them as the Buyer, looking at photos to see how the house looks. If I am looking at houses that are listed between 250,000-325,000, I am comparing it to other properties that are in that price range. If I see 8 properties, and 7 of them have professional photos, and one has cheap photos that do not make the house look very appealing, which ones do you think I am recommending to my client

If your house should be priced at 225,00, and you decided to price it at 250,000, to not “leave money on the table” do you think we are taking a look at it when we compare it to homes that are worth an extra 10%?

Don’t hurt yourself. As soon as your house is on the market. Go online to different sites and do a search for houses like yours. How does it look compared to them? Would you take a look at it, or would you pass for something that looks a lot nicer?

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