Chandler short sale phrase of the day: managed chaos

Managed chaos, this is the word or the phrase of the day. When you are doing a short sale whether you live in Chandler Arizona or anywhere else, your short sale agent is going to need to know how to manage chaos. That is exactly what a short sale transaction is.

In a short sale transaction you have the buyer and buyers agent, listing agent, investor, servicer, servicer escalations department, MI company all wanting the best deal for them in the time frame they want, which is usually now. Everyone involved is going to be saying no a bunch of time, threaten to pull out or not approve it and eventually you get the approval letter then Fannie Mae wants you to close in five days.

There are so many road bumps and obstacles to overcome in many short sales that to an outside observer or anyone but the short sale agent it probably seems like chaos. The thing is, to the agent who is doing this every day and in the trenches it is chaos, but managed chaos.

We anticipate these problems are going to come up. We know what is normally going to happen next and prepare everyone involved. We have a plan on how to deal with these issues and know how to get around when a new issues arises. The key to a successful short sale is knowing how to expect the unexpected and managing the issues when they explode. And they will explode.

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