Top 10 real estate posts of the day for 12/4/2009

1) 2010 Big Broker Market Domination Action Plan – The pie in the sky scenario, something to strive for, but guessing no one will do.

2) Home sellers: Top 5 home improvement projects based on cost & return on investment – Interesting, I have a hard time buying some of these ROI numbers because I think they really would be hard to measure and results would vary so greatly, but still interesting.

3) Changes Coming to a HUD-1 Settlement Statement Near You – Everyone brushing up on the new HUD-1 statements? You should be.

4) Big Changes Coming for FHA Loans – If you want my opinion I say good, these all sound like good changes. Remember it is our money that is backing these loans, we should make sure the FHA is not the next Country Wide or Indymac.

5) foursquare, and the Mobilization of Social Media – So you have heard of Foursquare and not sure what all the fuss is about? Carpenter has a good rundown here. It’s fun, and if you live in the Tempe/Phoenix area hit me up on there.

6) New To Real Estate Blogging? 6 Simple Steps to Get You Started. – When it comes to real estate blogging you can always count on The Real Estate Tomato to give some good solid advice.

7) Quick Answer Series: What About Direct-Mail Marketing? – I don’t usually agree with everything Matt Jones says in his videos, but he always backs up his opinion very well and this is no different.

8) Psychologist Weighs In on Whether or Not People Want Privacy – This do we want privacy goes very well with the other AG article — Do We Have a Reasonable Right to Privacy Using Social Media?

9) Free Mobile Business Card: DUB Me Now – This is cool, and I am going to download it as soon as I post this, but its kind of hard to leave it behind on a counter when you show a house.

10) Running a Successful Real Estate Business Part Un: Kill Overhead – Interesting advice although may be designed more for larger agents or even brokerages.

Top 5 real estate posts of the day for 9/10/2009

1) Time is running out for the $8000 tax credit – Cool video on the $8000 tax credit.

2) Free mortgages? Nope – but a free book about mortgages! – Tom Vanderwell is offering a a free book “Straight talk about mortgages.”

3) Is it Wednesday already? – Even when things are rolling and you are busy keep on blogging.

4) Tip for new real estate investors – Heather has a tip for new investors on how to make sure you are not caught short when a tenant moves out.

5) 2 WordPress plug-ins that will transform your website – These plug-ins could help your real estate website.

Top 5 real estate posts of the day – Friday 6/12/2009

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Top 5 real estate posts of the day – Thursday 6/4/2009

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Top 5 real estate posts of the day – Tuesday 5/26/2009

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Real estate blog posts of the day

blogging-check-my-day Starting tomorrow morning I will be posting the top 5 real estate blog posts at least three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. I am not going to limit myself to those three days, but at a minimum I will be posting those three days.

66, that is how many real estate specific blogs I have set up in my Google RSS feed. Of course I have the Phoenix Real Estate Guy, Seattle Rain City Guide, Realty Man, and Miamism, but I also have just about everything in between those four corners of the country.

One of the biggest benefits I get from looking at all those blogs is the education I get. Reading what your fellow real estate bloggers are saying about the issues of the day is a great way to stay educated for your clients. While I try to read the as many of these feeds a day as I can, there are days that go by where I am not getting to them, so I have come up with a solution to make me stay up on them and it may help other real estate agents too.

At a minimum every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I will be posting the top 5 real estate blog posts as determined by me for others to view. This will help me stay up on the latest and it will also give a place for other agents to check in see what is going on if they do not want to spend hours a day looking at hundreds of feeds.

If you want to make sure I am reading your blog and it have in my RSS feed feel free to send me a message on Twitter or leave a comment below.

See you in the AM.

If you liked George Mason, you will love DeanSellsAZ

survivor-brawl-thumb1 It’s that time of year. Everyone looks for this year’s George Mason. The underdog Cinderella what has a chance to go deep in the big dance. As you get ready to sit down and fill out your March Madness brackets this week, take a moment to do the same for your National Real Estate “Blog Brawl.”

32 real estate blogs have been selected by the committee to fight it out for the best real estate blog in the country. Somehow this blog I launched last September has been nominated. Thank you for all those who voted to nominate the blog, now its time for the fun to begin.

Much like the NCAA tournament, the blogs have been broken up into 4 zones. I am the third seed in Zone 1. In the first round I am up against “Blog By The Bay” which is run by the lovely and talented Ginger Wilcox. Somehow Ginger was seeded 6th, I think the committee got it backwards. I have great respect for Ginger and her work and know I am the underdog, but I, like George Mason will not go down without a good fight. I need you go log on and vote for

You do not need to register to vote, Vote for

Biggest Loser Realtor style

Has blogging made me fat?

Has blogging made me fat?

It’s that time of year, we pig out and put on the pounds over the next month only to make a promise to lose all the weight in early January. Well this year, at least for me things are worse than they have been for a while.

In high school and after I was always in great shape and never had any body fat, then something happened when I turned 30 and I started putting on the pounds. In November 2002 I woke up and realized I had ballooned up to 215 pounds. That was it, I made a decision right then to get things back on track. I went on an exercise and diet program and in about eight months I was back down to fighting weight of about 165 pounds and in really good shape. I stayed on a new eating program and kept the weight off until about two years ago. Then, going through some personal problems that lead me to start eating poorly again and not exercising, I started packing on the pounds again. I really didn’t realize how bad it was until about a week ago I stepped on the scale and that first number was a 2 again.

Fast forward about a week and while hanging out in Twitterville (did you say you are not on Twitter?  Oh you are the one, try it all the cool kids are doing it these days.) I noticed a fellow East Valley real estate agent @PhoenixREGuy saying he had not been on a bike in several years and 60 pounds ago. Perfect I thought to myself, someone else who may be wanting to lose some weight. So I sent Jay “Phoenix Sexiest Realtor” Thompson a message and offered up a challenge. Let’s have a bet who can lose the most weight over the next two weeks and the loser send a $50 check to the winners charity of choice.

Jay agreed, and came up with an even better idea, let’s send a Tweet and get other agents involved and we can raise more money for charity and that is how Real Estate’s Biggest Loser got started. Want to join in, it is easy just send me a Tweet. If you don’t have Twitter you can sign up on Jay’s blog in the comments section, then sign up for a Twitter account.

The rules are we weigh in on Friday December 5th and again on February 1st. Whoever loses the highest % of their body weight wins. We also will be Tweeting our results from each week to help keep each other motivated. While this is a friendly competition where we all win, trash talking is not only acceptable, it is strongly encouraged. So get off your fat blogging butt, take a walk around the block and I will see you in February and you will see a lot less of me.

And please, if you get upset easily when you lose please don’t join the group because this one is in the bag and you will only suffer a tragic defeat. If you decide to join anyways start making the checks out to the American Diabetes Association.