Top 10 real estate posts of the day for 2/25/2010

Here is today’s list of top real estate posts of the day.

1) Are Realtors Afraid of ? The Young Ones Aren’t – Have you been following the spat between Ian Watt and the agent in his office who sent an email complaining about the way Watt is doing business? Some people just don’t like change.

2) Marketing Idea: Rear Window Signage – All right, I would probably never use this, but GPS enabled marketing on your car? That is a cool idea.

3) By The Way…. This Is A Normal Market… – Having a hard time missing the good ole days? Get over it, today’s market is what it is and you need to either adapt or move on. Some great advice on here on how to adapt and survive.

4) Spring 2010 FHA Changes : Higher Fees, Bigger Downpayments, And More Mortgage Insurance – FHA loans are not going the be the bargain in 2010 that they were in 2009.

5) Real Estate Investors – Don’t Be Seduced By Rickety Cash Flow – Good article for investors who are obsessed only with cash flow.

6) 10 Ideas to Save Money and Make Your Tampa Home Greener – A year ago when showing houses I almost never heard anyone talk about things they can do around their house to make it more green. Now, I probably hear it at least a few times a month. Here are some tips.

7) Investors: Should You Get Your Real Estate License? – I have worked with a couple of real investors over the last year and I am amazed that they do not have their license. It would seem much easier for them to be able to set up their own MLS searches and view houses than to use an agent.

8) Taxpayers Seeking Homebuyer Tax Credits, Refunds Must File Paper – It is that time of year, people are doing their taxes. If you are claiming the first-time home buyer tax credit you will be filing on paper this year, not electronically.

9) Forbes’ Top Ten Best Housing Markets Across America – This year’s Forbes list of top housing markets is great news if you like the cold.

10)  9 Items to Help you in Your Personal and Professional Growth – This article is a very good one productivity and getting things done.

Top 10 real estate posts for 12/22/2009

1) Large Backlog Of Bank Owned Homes – The flood is coming, buckle up everyone.

2) The Great Tsunami of Foreclosures – Shake up or Shaky Ground? – Disregard number one, the flood is not coming.

3) Loan Modification Program, Good Intention Bad Idea – Good post and the key point is the last paragraph.

4) Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New Good Faith Estimate – More on the new GFE’s, have to get ready for them. Looking forward to part 2 of this one.

5) WTF with NAR?! (Updated) – Another shot at NAR for due increases.

6) Who’s Afraid of – Very interesting post on how is the trendsetter in real estate, not Zillow. The one question I have is, I always hear about the high tech Redfin agents. Where are they in the blogging and Twitter universe?

7) Another Vote in Favor of Professionalism… – Is the business really changing so that it will become more consumer centered and we really need to lift our professionalism in how we take care of customer service or has it always been that way and the best will continue to rise to the top?

8) 6 Ways to Build your Buyers List – Looking for some buyers in the hot market? Here are six places you can target.

9) The MOST Frequently Asked Home-Buyer Question: “How Much Should I Offer?” – This has got to be one of the hardest questions to answer in real estate, really impossible with so many factors as pointed out here.

10) FHA Loans After A Foreclosure – So how long after the foreclosure before you can purchase your next house? Depends on the lender.

Top 10 real estate posts of the day for 12/4/2009

1) 2010 Big Broker Market Domination Action Plan – The pie in the sky scenario, something to strive for, but guessing no one will do.

2) Home sellers: Top 5 home improvement projects based on cost & return on investment – Interesting, I have a hard time buying some of these ROI numbers because I think they really would be hard to measure and results would vary so greatly, but still interesting.

3) Changes Coming to a HUD-1 Settlement Statement Near You – Everyone brushing up on the new HUD-1 statements? You should be.

4) Big Changes Coming for FHA Loans – If you want my opinion I say good, these all sound like good changes. Remember it is our money that is backing these loans, we should make sure the FHA is not the next Country Wide or Indymac.

5) foursquare, and the Mobilization of Social Media – So you have heard of Foursquare and not sure what all the fuss is about? Carpenter has a good rundown here. It’s fun, and if you live in the Tempe/Phoenix area hit me up on there.

6) New To Real Estate Blogging? 6 Simple Steps to Get You Started. – When it comes to real estate blogging you can always count on The Real Estate Tomato to give some good solid advice.

7) Quick Answer Series: What About Direct-Mail Marketing? – I don’t usually agree with everything Matt Jones says in his videos, but he always backs up his opinion very well and this is no different.

8) Psychologist Weighs In on Whether or Not People Want Privacy – This do we want privacy goes very well with the other AG article — Do We Have a Reasonable Right to Privacy Using Social Media?

9) Free Mobile Business Card: DUB Me Now – This is cool, and I am going to download it as soon as I post this, but its kind of hard to leave it behind on a counter when you show a house.

10) Running a Successful Real Estate Business Part Un: Kill Overhead – Interesting advice although may be designed more for larger agents or even brokerages.

Top 10 real estate posts of the day for 11/23/2009

1) FHA renders three the magic number to buy a home after foreclosure – Did your house go into foreclosure in the last few years, FHA says you need to wait three years before you can qualify for an FHA loan to buy a new house.

2) Are FHA loan limits going higher? – Increase FHA limits even higher with still just 3.5% down? Do we not ever learn?

3) Where online real estate has gone wrong – Dalton makes some great points about user comments on real estate listings and how that may not be the best thing for a listing.

4) Mortgage delinquencies & foreclosure rates shatter records – Delinquencies are up, foreclosures are up, mortgages becoming harder to get, while the market may be stabilizing, don’t expect a quick recovery.

5) ‘Maybe’ kills our careers one letter at a time – Want to be successful in real estate, Scott Cowan things the trick for him has been getting to the ‘yes.’ 

6) How political is your real estate business – I am starting to really enjoy Greg’s weekly vlog on politics and real estate. Politics effects our day to day life and business more than most like to admit.

7) "In the Nest” episode 2 – Special Guest Tom Ferry, founder and CEO of Tom Ferry – yourcoach– It is a little long, but a bunch of great information from Coach Tom Ferry.

8) On Google’s latest real estate foray: Implications & speculations – Google’s next step in world dominance. But here we go again… Is Google a scraper for real estate?

9) Overhauling the current HVCC system across the board – Could change be coming to the HVCC, we can only hope.

10) Google makes yet another big move into real estate territory – This could be really bad news for a site like Zillow, and could it even be a threat to RPR?

Top 5 real estate posts of the day for 10/19/2009

1) Virtual RE BarCamp on November 17th, 2009 – Been unable to attend an RE BarCamp? Here may be your chance.

2) My Usual Suspects moment – real estate lead generation – Anything that starts out with a Usual Suspects movie clip you know is going to be good… and this post delivers and gives good advice on return on work.

3) FHA down payment requirement could increase to 5% – As it would mean less people able to buy a house I am not supposed to like this, but I think it is a good idea as some people who are buying houses really shouldn’t be.

4) For the love of God, buy this house!! – When hiring a listing agent make sure they know the market.

5) How are Realtors earning trust? – Not only does Greg deliver an interesting topic of Realtor’s involvement in earning trust, it is also an interesting video shoot idea.

Top 5 real estate posts of the day for 10/14/2009

1) Is an FHA loan better than a conventional loan – FHA buyers are having a hard time winning bidding wars, are they being discriminated against?

2) Guess who’s crushing it in Gary Vaynerchuck’s new book Crush It – Congrats to Ian Watt.

3) Pack up the cats and head to REBlogWorld Las Vegas – If you are going to be there make sure you say hi.

4) That dreaded “to-do list”: Why I say stop the insanity! – Good video by Tom Ferry, I need to heed his advice and focus on the outcomes!

5) Mortgage rates, a 2-for-1 top 5 special…. What’s ahead for mortgage rates this week, and also Trends: Mortgage rates fall in the fall.

Top 5 real estate posts of the day for 9/24/2009

1) Selling homes Q & A: After a post and MLS, what else can be done to promote a home – Some tips on marketing a home for sale.

2) The possible impact (and real cost) of extending the first-time homebuyer tax credit – Interesting Zillow report on the possible impact of extending the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit and the actual costs of doing so.

3) Define for me if you will… “Raising the Bar” – Great post on education and the real estate industry.

4) FHA Commissioner dispels rumors about FHA mortgage financing – Is the FHA program in financial trouble?

5) How low can you go? Instant traffic by improving your bounce rate – Getting traffic but not converting? This may help.

Top 5 real estate posts of the day for 9/22/2009

1) Big changes coming for FHA loans – Starting in January it will be harder for buyers to qualify for an FHA loan.

2) Bonus offers in MLS are bad PR for the industry – Always interesting topic, does more money make the buyers agent push one house over another? I hope not.

3) What’s the downside to investing today? – Every other article on the web these days seems to be how now is the best time ever to buy a home. Here is a post that points out some cautions to keep in mind.

4) Sellers, please evacuate the building – Great topic, but what is really interesting is what @ECNewlin is doing with her blog. She has made it a day in the life of a real estate agent blog.

5) What’s important in an IDX real estate website – Some things you may want to consider when selecting an IDX vendor.

Top 5 real estate posts of the day for 9/3/2009

1) HVCC: Who is the least interested – Does anyone like HVCC? Well it appears maybe loan officers do.

2) FHA on track for busiest year – As prices hit bottom, new buyers came onto the market, and FHA loans have become all the rage.

3) Tips for sellers for an open house – Not only good for sellers, but good for agents to use with their sellers.

4) Home Owners Association during closing – What are you really getting for your money? – David Lorti takes a look at the HOA and what their role is during the process of buying a house.

5) A message about the power of content, any content, for your real estate blog – Great message from Teresa Boardman, just get content out there.

Top 5 real estate posts of the day 7/27/2009

1) 10 home buying tips you probably didn’t know – 10 tips from when to shop for a house to what to bring to the closing.

2) Listing your home as a short sale – Some advice on selling your home as a short sale including what you need for documentation for your bank.

3) On dual agency – Jay has one of the best pieces I have read yet on the pitfalls of dual agency.

4) 102% financing at 4% available now. No tricks. Here is how. – How to get a 4% mortgage with a USDA buydown.

5) First-time home buyers getting started with a FHA mortgage – An FHA mortgage is a great way for a first-time home buyer to get into a house.