Short sale myth-busting

Something I hear out there from a lot of agents, most of them not doing short sales from the listing side is Chandler short sales are getting easier to get through than they used to be. Well maybe if you are comparing them to 2007, but short sales are not any easier to get closed today than they were 6, 8, 12 months ago. In fact they may be harder.

Short sales often have the MI company, or investor or servicer pushing back wanting more money, cash contributions, promissory notes or relying on bad valuations and sticking firm. I am not sure why banks are putting their foot down more than they used to, it may be because the cost difference now between a short sale and foreclosure may not be as great because of all the extra staff that has been needed to be hired to process them. But whatever the reason is, one thing is certain if you are looking to get into short sales because they are getting easier, be prepared to be stunned.

Kristin and I probably talk to a few agents each a month that start doing short sales then come asking for help. They conversation is usually concluded with them making a statement such as “I am not doing another one of these short sales again.”

Short sale agent with designations and short sale home conditions

When you put your East Valley home on the market as a short sale it is important that you maintain the home in a presentable way. No one wants to walk into a home and see trash all over the floors and junk on the counters.
No, you do not need to professionally stage your home, just make your home inviting to the people viewing it. Make it a home they can see themselves living in and a home that looks like it is enjoyable to own. A home that looks like it was cared for is going to get a much better offer than a home that is trashed. That better offer is going to make it much easier to get your offer approved.

Another subject that gets me fired up is designations. Why is it that almost all designations you need to pay for and then pay the designation company every year to keep using it? This of this, you go to ASU (Go Sun Devils!) get your degree and then every year ASU comes to you and says if you want to say you got an education from us you need to pay us every year (insert student loan joke here.) Also that designation does not mean you know how to do anything, it means you took the class.

The exception may be the SSG or Short Sale Genius designation. With this designation once you have it, you have it. But the kicker is, you actually need to have closed short sales before you can use it. But even then I would not hire an agent just because they have the SSG designation. When interviewing an agent make them explain to you the process the use and ask them questions on how they do things.

Short sale agents advising to sell via short sale?

Video 105: Short sale agents will tell you doing a short sale is always better than doing a foreclosure. There are many cases that is true, but not for everyone. Always make sure you talk to a real estate attorney and a tax accountant to make sure a it is really the best thing for you. Would love to hear your thoughts, you can leave a comment or e-mail me Dean Ouellette.

Where are all the HAFA defenders now?

Video 101: I have read at least 20-30 different agents who have been touting how great the HAFA program is on their blogs over the last few weeks. Last night I issued a challenge a couple times on Twitter to any of those agents or even to the National Association of Realtors, who are defending the program, to do a point – counter-point with me in a blog post. I do not see how anyone who read the pages on the new short sale program could defend it as good for banks or for the home owner. If you are true believe in HAFA, and they have to be out there because there have been plenty of blog posts, let me know. I would love to debate you on the merits or lack of merit in the 43 pages of garbage. Would love to hear your thoughts, you can leave a comment or e-mail me Dean Ouellette.

New short sale section of website starts with short sales FAQ videos

Video 100: The more and more short sale videos I do, the more questions I get from home owners and other agents. I am launching a Short sales agent" href="">new short sale section on which you will find above. It it starting out with Short Sale FAQ and we will be adding more to build out the section. I will be adding in all my short sale videos and other short sale information as time goes. Would love to hear your thoughts, you can leave a comment or e-mail me Dean Ouellette.

Arizona Short Sales Sellers Advisory – Good and the bad

Video 97: I applaud the Arizona Department of Real Estate for issuing a Short Sales" href="" target="_blank">Short Sales Sellers Advisory. They have included a lot of good information such as scams to avoid, options to short sales and advising you to get legal and accounting advice. The one thing I did not agree with them on is their recommendation to hire an agent with a short sale designation. While a designation is not a bad thing to have, there are plenty of good agents who do not believe in the money making aspect behind designations and may not have a designation, but may have as much experience and/or knowledge as someone with a designation. The best way to hire a Tempe short sale agent is to talk to a few agents, ask them their process and see what they share with you. You will quickly be able to tell by their short sale process which agent to use. Would love to hear your thoughts, you can leave a comment or e-mail me Dean Ouellette.

Short sales lesson, take notes

Video 92: I almost always document every conversation I have with a bank. Of course, the one time I do not comes back to bite me in the rear end. After submitting a short sale package three times I finally get confirmation that the bank received it. They tell me the BPO will be ordered and completed within two weeks. Two weeks later I call back, and they said they did not receive the package. No problem I write down who I talk to, go back to my notes and sure enough, this time I didn’t get the name. Starting over, lesson learned, most of the time is not good enough. Hope this helps some other agent who documents “most of the time.” Would love to hear your thoughts, you can leave a comment or e-mail me Dean Ouellette.

Can the bank come after me for the difference in the short sale price and my mortgage amount

Video 46: Can the bank come after you for the difference in my short sale price and the mortgage amount? Maybe, first it depends what state you are in. Arizona has a anti-deficiency law which does not allow the bank to come after you. BUT they can work in language into your short sale acceptance to change that. Make sure you understand every word of the final acceptance on your short sale that you sign. I would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you may have about short sales, you can leave a comment or e-mail me Dean Ouellette.

Short sales series: What hardships will bank consider?

Video 42: So you want to do a short sale on your home in Tempe or the Phoenix area, what hardships do you have. That is the first question the bank is going to ask, is there really a hardship. There are 5 hardships the bank will consider when looking at your short sale:

  1. Rate is about to change
  2. Employment
  3. Moving
  4. Divorce
  5. Military

I would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you may have about short sales, you can leave a comment or e-mail me Dean Ouellette.

PMI on a $20k 2nd? Make sure you interview your short sales agent

Video 30: Short sales in the Tempe real estate market are going to be around for a while so you need to make sure you interview your Tempe short sale agent if you are going to be giving them a listing. Any agent should be able to get an offer on a short sale house in a few weeks at most, the trick is then getting them closed without the bank running all over you. For more information you can leave a comment or e-mail me Dean Ouellette.