What is new in 2015, lots of good things going on in Chandler

2015 is shaping up to be a terrific year for myself and for Chandler Arizona. There is so much going on. First the San Marcos Golf Course is open after their remodel in 2014.

SanMarcosGolfBunkerChandlerAZ.jpgChandler finally has a great coffee shop in downtown Chandler with Peixoto Coffee Shop. Chandler is getting a new movie theatre that will be opening towards the end of 2015.

I have a new brokerage, I have joined Realty Executives and look forward to using some of their programs to benefit my clients.

And finally in 2015 what is old, is new again. I will be doing more frequent video blogging answering your questions about real estate and Chandler Arizona.

I received a question just yesterday about townhouses in Chandler that I will be answering soon.

If you want to follow my video series you can do so on this blog, via my Youtube Channel, get the 15 second version by following me on Instagram at @DeanOuellette or on my Facebook Business Page about Chandler Real Estate.

I look forward too reconnecting with everyone through video again.

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